Fahd Ndanghwa

Fahd Ndanghwa
'What's there to be happy about. Jobs not finished. Job Finished? I don't think so' - Kobe

Since my teenage years, I've always wanted to be financially independent. In my mind, that meant having passive income coming in that requires me to do little to no traditional work, resulting in me having the ability to live with total freedom and chase my dreams.

Whilst working in the Civil Service, it hit me hard that living that nine to five life is not for me, no disrespect to those that enjoy it. But being constrained to a workplace, timeframe, lack of openness to adaptability, and micromanagers pushed me over the edge.

Having previously lived a university life where I faced none of those constraints whilst also being productive, doing amazing things with my Islamic Society, and travelling to different countries. I knew I had to attempt to recreate that lifestyle. I may not be successful with it, but what's the harm trying. Live with no regrets, right.

Luckily for me, Tim Ferriss already lives the life that I want. In his book, he calls this life New Rich.

The New Rich are those who abandon the deferred-life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the New Rich: time and mobility.

Tim Ferriss

Despite Tim definition, New Rich to me means having several automotive passive incomes which don't require a lot of your time, giving you the ability to live your best life. I haven't finished the book, but I highly recommend the book; it's not a get rich quick scheme, but for me, it's about changing your mentality and thought process about work and how to optimise your life fully.

Then Ali Abdaal made a video that gave me a direction as to how I could achieve the lifestyle that I want. The video changed my perspective of the benefits of putting yourself out there. He does a great job detailing that there is little to no risk in going out there and showcasing yourself. Then it clicked; this would be a massive benefit for my PhD journey and connecting with others to share thoughts and ideas that most people around me don't want to speak about. Ali also touches upon insecurities and nerves about putting yourself out there, which is good. I advise you to watch it.

After watching, I began to decide what platform would I like to use.

YouTube & Instagram

  • I didn't like the concept of my face being out there.


  • I do want to pursue this, but I just felt right now it's not something I want to go for


  • I initially thought this would be cool since I had a lot to speak about, and I found it easy to read, but I didn't want my site to be dry. Luckily Ali talked about the different blog platforms, giving me no excuses to start.

So that's how I landed on Ghost and began blogging.

One thing that I discovered once I started writing was that it was therapeutic for me. Writing allows me to conceptualise issues and specific rough patches in my life that I've just left to fester inside, but now I can deal with, enabling me to heal and move past them.

Going forward

Going forward, I'm focusing on producing quality content weekly. I have a lot in store!


It's right at the bottom, so go ahead and enter my world.

My contact details are at the bottom; if anyone wants to collaborate, share thoughts, or give feedback more than happy to listen.




Love ✌🏾