๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ฟ My time in Tanzania

My wife and I have always had the thought of living in Tanzania. So when the opportunity arose, we decided to take it. On the 19th of February 2022, we embarked on that journey. We stayed in Tanzania for six months, starting in February and ending in August.

Our three main goals in staying in Tanzania are.

  1. Connect with our families

It would have been nearly impossible if we had taken the conventional route of booking a two-week holiday at work and travelling to three locations in Tanzania to meet each otherโ€™s families (excluding my family in Burundi).

  1. Understand life in Tanzania

Is our dream of living in Tanzaniaviable? Are we able to adjust to an entirely new country? What is needed to build a home and have a family here? What would we be trading off in the UK in return for TZ? Where in Tanzania should we live (itโ€™s a huge country, plus family politics comes into play)? We want to have answers to all these sorts of questions when we leave this beautiful country.

  1. Set out a road map for our Solar Panel idea

My wife and I have always dreamed of having a business where we provide electricity to the country via solar panels. Alhamdulillah, weโ€™ve made a lot of inroads into this idea.

Our Journey

Below Iโ€™ve documented our time in Tanzania by each month. It was terrific, and I hope one day Iโ€™ll look back at this page with happiness, knowing this was the building block in us achieving our dream.

๐Ÿ“First month

๐Ÿ“Second month

๐Ÿ“Third month

๐Ÿ“Fourth month

๐Ÿ“ Fifth month

๐Ÿ“ Concluding thoughts

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