November 14, 2022

🇹🇿 Final thoughts

My concluding thoughts on a beautiful six months spent in Tanzania!

🇹🇿 Final thoughts

Our time in Tanzania has come to an end.

When I look back at what we intended to achieve;

  1. Connect with our families
  2. Understand life in Tanzania
  3. Set out a road map for our Solar Panel idea

I look back with pride that I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

However, my time was more than just the goals I set. For the first time in a long while, I was living rather than surviving!

I happily accepted whatever every day gave me, not knowing what would come about but knowing that I’ll more or less feel fulfilled and happy by the end.

Such experiences have manifested themselves into cherished memories and newly developed family relations.

I think Allah for giving my wife and me this experience.

I pray Allah blesses everyone that has supported us in this journey & I make Du’a that this journey is a building block to what is to come for us.

The road to this point was challenging and sometimes ruthless, but I’ve come through it with guidance from Allah.  

I trust whatever plan Allah has for us is best for us. I’m looking forward to taking on whatever awaits us.  


Love ✌🏾

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Love ✌🏾