April 5, 2024

Know your worth

Declined big job due to low pay. The experience reminded me not to let others diminish my worth/ambitions due to their biases. Have the confidence to pursue greatness.

Know your worth
Islamic Development Bank - Offer

In August 2023, the HR team at the Islamic Development Bank reached out about a job application I had submitted in December 2021. What followed was a gruelling process - a virtual interview, psychometric test, written assessment, 12-minute presentation, and finally a 90-minute five-person panel interview. After a few exhausting months, through Allah's will, I received the offer in early January. 

I was thrilled. This was a job at one of the biggest multinational development banks worldwide. My family was even willing to move to Saudi Arabia for this new adventure. I would enter the exciting field of Islamic economics, assisting countries in the Global South - something I had always aspired to. However, the compensation package didn't align with competitors. Despite my requests, there was no flexibility on the bank's end. I faced an impossibly tough decision: accept less income but gain invaluable experience or walk away entirely. After much deliberation with my wife, I determined the offer simply didn't make sense and declined.

Why should I, who has worked tirelessly to reach my position, sacrifice anything further for an employer who needs my skills? This experience brought a crucial realisation - you must recognise your self-worth. No one knows your capabilities better than you. Have the confidence to identify when someone tries to undersell your unique talents. 

This process also made me reflect on times when others underestimated me - the teacher who assumed I was retaking GCSE math rather than doing A-level math, and the manager who denied my promotion despite outstanding performance. We all encounter people seeking to diminish our ambitions for their inadequate reasons - bias, intimidation, insecurity. 

But this is your life. You define yourself by your own beliefs, so remain ambitious. Strive for greatness. Pursue what you believe you can achieve. Err towards confidence in your abilities - you'll learn faster what you can and can't do.

Most importantly, know the immense value you bring to the table, even when uncomfortable for others. Use your talents to better this world. Live fully, without regrets. Rapidly harness your abilities so you can excel at your passions.


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